Puzzle Master Variety Pack

Puzzle Master Variety Pack 1.0

The variety puzzle expansion gives users all brand new puzzles!
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Puzzle Master Variety Pack is another expansion pack for Puzzle Master that brings you new 36 images and music. The game allows you to solve puzzles to music and create your own ones from your favorite pictures, including the captures taken right from within the game. Moreover, you will have the ability to create your own play list and add it to the game if you do not like the music offered. The game also provides you with all the rest options of Puzzle Master you like. You will be able to set the difficulty level and adjust the size and shape of the puzzle pieces, set the pieces outlines and auto-hide them when pieces are solved. Also you will be allowed to change the board color, enable ghost picture that can be faded in/out, or solve the puzzle looking at the original picture opened in a separate window. Moreover, the puzzle pieces can be arranged at an edge, in a grid, or disarranged at all, or you can even sort the pieces and place them in a tray(-s). Cheating is also available in the game, the program can show and fetch neighbor pieces, solve a piece, show a solution, and even auto-solve the puzzle. If you want more fun, you can set the time limit and try to solve the puzzle before you run out of time.
All in all Puzzle master Variety is a nice way to entertain yourself. To learn more about its numerous features just download and try.

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  • Nice new images
  • New music
  • Customizable


  • Not free
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